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About Me

Hello My Name is Alvin Seville and i am leader of this

My Favorite Shows:

  • Pokemon
  • Sailor Moon
  • Dinosaur King
  • Barney and Friends
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks (1983) (Thats Me)


  • Only Luke or Nino Creat it
  • No Rated R Movies
  • No Fandom or Another Users


  • Simon
  • Theodore
  • Dave Seville
  • Darein Chiba (Brother)
  • Serena
  • Chip (Elderst Son)
  • Dale (Youngest son)
  • Brittany (Wife)
  • Grayson (Real Father)
  • Vinny (Mother)

Welcome to the Wiki

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Pages created so far

AladdinAlvin SevilleAlvin Seville's Cheese Attacks
Alvin Seville's RolesAmy MizunoAre They Pokemon/Don't Be Dumb
ArielArtemisAs You Wish, Amy You Might Never Meet Your Prince Charming If You Don't Try a Little or Take a Chance
Ash KetchumAsh and Misty FightBD Wong
Barbara GoodsonBasilBatmunk
Ben RavencroftBianca BeakleyBill Rogers
BinkBirth of Wicked Chipette (Sailor Brittany)Bleach (Chris1703 Human Style)
Brittany MillerBrittany Miller and Kitty Katswell FightingBrittany and Alvin on Airport
BrittanylinaBrockBrock Punches Misty
BubblesButtercupCaptain James T. Dirk
ChipChip TracyChris1703 Wiki
Claudia VorsteinCourage Doo, Where Are You!Cullen Calix
DaleDan GreenDanielle Judovits
DannyDarien ChibaDarien Engages Serena
Dark Kingdom (Sailor Brittany)Dawn BellwetherDinosaur King (Chris1703 Style)
Dinosaur King (Chris1703 Style) Season 1Dog Where
Dr. Buford BubblesDr. LaboritoryDr. Simonize
Dr. ZEleanor MillerEleanor Miller's Roles
Eleanor Pulling Chip's EarEric StuartErol
FernGully: The Last Rainforest (Chris1703 Style)FernGully: The Magical Rescue (Chris1703 Style)Fievel Mousekewitz
Fish Eye Traps LitaFord Fuison Dream Commerical (Chris1703 Style)Fun and Games
Gadget HackwrenchGary OakGeneral Discussion
George C. ScottGo Bleach Your Roots CreepGolem
Happy the ButlerHawk's Eye Traps SerenaHercules Meets Megara
I'm Not Anything that Just way it isI Can't Believe She's Gone/Brock Even a Pokemon Breeder Can't Compete With a DoctorI Don't Want Any of Your Lame Excuses Kid, I Just want a New Bike Right Now
IagoIchigo KurosakiIf a Monster Comes in Our Room (Ron and the Boys Meet Frankenstein)
Ikuko TsukinoIrisJafar
JasmineJeanette MillerJeanette Miller's Roles
Jill FrappierJodi BensonJohnny Bravo
JoyJulie LemieuxJupiter Thunder Crash
KakarotKaoriniteKaren Bernstein
Kate HigginsKevin LundKiawe
KiddoKirbyKitty Katswell
Kiyone KotetsuKlaus VorsteinKotono Misuishi
LillieLinda BallantyneLita Kino
Liz Wartenberg BrownLolaLucien Dodge
Luna PMaid Marian
MallowMamoru Gets His Memory BackMary Long
MauiMax GoofMax Taylor
Max and Friends Imitate MottoMayumi IizukaMegan Hollingshead
Melvin ButlerMercury Bubble BlastMercury Ice Storm
Michele KnotzMichelle RuffMika Kayama
Mina AinoMiss DaliaMiss Mayor
Miss MillerMistyMisty Blushing at Ash
Mojo JojoMolly BakerMoon Healing Activation
Moon Tiara MagicMorrisonMr. Pinkie
Mrs. BrisbyNanao IseNeflite
Neflite DiesNegaduckNew Attitude (Kim, Velma, and Wendy)
New on Wikia starter pagesNews and AnnouncementsNicki Nale
Nicolas RoyeOh, No, Mom You've Dashed All My DreamsOh Brother You.... you must think I'm Pretty silly
Oh But it so Cute/There's More Pokemon That CuteOh Mom I'm Sorry I Guess I Won't Be Able to Invite Darien to Dinner NowOlivia Flaversham
Over the Hedge (Chris1703 Style)Pewter GymPhil, What's the Point
Pluto Deadly ScreamPokemon (Chris1703 Style)Pokemon Advanced Generation (Chris1703 Style)
Pokemon Best Wishes (Chris1703 Style)Pokemon Chronicles (Chris1703 Style)Pokemon Origins (Chris1703 Style)
Pokemon Sun and Moon (Chris1703 Style)Pokemon TrainersPokemon XY (Chris1703 Style)
Prince EndymionPrincess AttaProfessor Fossy
Professor NimnulPsyduck's MistakesQueen Beryl
Queen SerenityQuestions and AnswersRachael Lillis
RaiRatiganRaye Hino
Raye Kisses ChadRebecca CunninghamRed
Red's TargetsRescue RangersRica Matsumoto
Rini TsukinoRinilanRino Romano
Rip TornRob PaulsenRobbie Daymond
Roland ParliamentRon StoppableRon and the Boys
Ron and the Boys (1983)Ron and the Boys (1983) (Season 1)Ron and the Boys Meet Frankenstein
Rowan TichenorRoxanneRubeus Dies
Sabrina GrdevichSaffron City GymSailor Brittany
Sailor Brittany (Season 1)Sailor Brittany (Season 2)Sailor Brittany (Season 3)
Sailor Brittany (Season 4)Sailor Brittany (VIZ)Sailor Brittany Crystal
Sailor Brittany IntroSailor Mars Destroys KigaanSailor Mercury Slaps Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon's RolesSailor Moon Who Cries Many TimesSailor Scouts
Sammy TsukinoSandy FoxSapphire
SawyerScooby Doo
Sean SchemmelSee Me, Feel Me, Gnomey (The Powerpuff Girls (Chris1703 Style))
SenaSerenaSerena Slaps Darien
Serena TsukinoShaggy RogersShanti
Sheep (Zootopia)Simon SevilleSophocles
Sorry I Lied to you again but this time I Didn't mean to forgive MeSpoof TV And Movie SceneStephanie Beard
Stephanie ShehSteve KramerSunshine Down On Me (The Powerpuff Girls (Chris1703 Style))
Susan AceronSusan RomanTV Series
Tai Chi Chaser (Chris1703 Style)Tai Chi Chasers (Chris1703 Style)Takuya Eguchi
TaleSpin (Chris1703 Style)TammyTammy's Roles
Tammy DyingTeam RocketTed Lewis
Terri HawkesThe Boy AdventureThe Brave Little Chipmunk
The Chipette Story (Ron and the Boys)The Demigod of Notre DameThe Gods Must Be Goosey (Bugs the Cowardly Bunny)
The Great Tuxedo Mask DetectiveThe JokesterThe Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon (Chris1703 Style)
The Powerpuff Girls (Chris1703 Style)The Powerpuff Girls Movie (Chris1703 Style)The Rescuers (Chris1703 Style)
The Rescuers Down Under (Chris1703 Style)The Rowdyruff BoysThe Sensational Sisters
The Three Best Anime ChipettesThe Tiger Movie (A Goofy Movie)Theodore Seville
There's More To Pokemon Than CuteTiger's Eye Traps AmyTim Allen
ToasterToby ProctorToby Seville
Todd HaberkornToei Animation Shows (Chris1703 Style)Togepi
Tom KaneTony DanielsTori
Tori 'n Rai Rescue RangersTori 'n Rai Rescue Rangers (Season 1)Toricules
Toru FuruyaTracey HoytTracey Moore
TrampTramp BravoTress MacNeille
Trick or Treason (Ron and the Boys)Uncle DrakkenUncle Harry
Under the Mistletoe (Chris1703 Style)Usagi Spanks ChibiusaVelma Dinkley
Venus Cresent Beam SmashVeronica TaylorVincent Corazza
Vincent PriceVinnyViolet Bronson
Voice Actors in Pokemon (Chris1703 Style)Wallapers (Chris1703)Water Gym Kanto
WendyWicked LadyWiseman
Yoruichi ShihoinYou're Supposed to Be Rooting for Ash Not JeanetteYou Gave Him Pokemon Medicine
You Must Be Crazy/Don't Ever Do ThatYou Right Than I'm Sorry Darien I Guess We Weren't Meant to be Together after allYou Stupid Pokemon you're just Sleeping with your eyes Open
Youma (Sailor Brittany)Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Chris1703 Style)Yugi Muto

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